What’s included in this webinar?

On July 21, we'll answer your most pressing benefits questions. What's a modular flex plan? Why are paramedical claims still on the rise? And how do you communicate coverage (effectively!) to employees?

Whether you're looking to change plans or just want to make an existing one work better, this webinar will help. It includes:

  • A free checklist for vetting your current group benefits advisor  
  • Best practices for administering and communicating your plan effectively    
  • Timely advice from one of Canada's top group benefits advisors, Jesse McNeil 

No obligation or credit card required.


Learn about up and coming group benefits trends

As the war for talent grows more fierce, a company’s group benefits package becomes an important part of its overall employment brand. What does yours say to potential new team members? Our exploration of coming trends will ensure your company is well-positioned for the future.



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